What 90% Of Marketers need to Know About YOUTUBE

Here is a little trick I learned from a really good friend of mine in

the internet business… (these are some of the tips we get to share at the http://www.7figureMasters.com)

Is very simple and is also of the skills that will give you an advantage
in your business and your team should you decide to go this route.

Is called Video Raking Method…

YOU see Google loves video…
And loves sites that it owns…

YouTube is own by Google and is video.

Video and Article marketing are not the same…
Let’s say you decide to write an article about a topic that you are 100% passionate

You spend hours and maybe even days, doing the research, making sure
your outline works, that everything is logically organize and that…

The grammar and spelling is right, and then when you are satisfied with your FINISHED work, you post it on your blog.

You quickly head over to Google You Do a search on your topic hoping to see your article at least on page two…

What happens…?

You’re now on Page 1000, and nothing…
Well, it’s that difficult to rank articles on Google now days…

Google has done many updates to its algorithms that it has very high standards on what it considers to be good content for its users…

However, when it comes to VIDEO the story is different, in fact YOUTUBE right now is one of the hottest platforms online to drive traffic FROM To Your Offers, and qualified traffic at that..
It is the third most popular site in the world, with more then a Billion Visitors each month…

And it has a different kind of standards when it comes to its algorithms which is cool because if you could do a five minute talk on your topic your could be on its first page with hours.
Now, I could go on and on..

Let me share what you do:

Step 1: Create a quick video that’s relevant for the industry you’re targeting.

For example, if you’re targeting dentists, create a video called “Dentists in ____” (name of your city)

Google gives preference to longer videos so make sure your video is 90 seconds to 5 minutes or even longer.

Make the video about marketing for that industry and make sure to put a call to action in there (your phone number, email, and/or website so they can get in touch with you if they want to hire you)

Step 2: Optimize the video

A few tips for getting a video ranked quickly:

– Make sure the keyword is in the title and the description Add 550 words+ of content to the description
(google can’t watch your video so it’s still searching your text)

– Seed the video with a small number of views (ask family, friends, and everyone you know to check it out)

– Use link building to push it up to the top of the results.

Step 3: Follow-up
Make sure you engage with your audience, have them like your video and share it.

You do these three steps and your ahead of the 90% of people out there grinding it out, confused, and frustrating trying to make money online and failing miserably…

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Gerardo G. LOPEZ