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I believe Everyone has something special to offer here, so there are no topics off-limits, and all your opinions are welcome.

Many times we tend to set ourselves in our ways of thinking. I believe this to be unhealthy.

If we aren’t able see someone else’s point of view we ran the danger of missing great opportunities and become narrow-minded fools.

So do share,  and don’t be shy.


* I love writing even though it isn’t one my strength, but as anything else practice makes perfect.

* I lived in three countries, Honduras, El Salvador, and now Canada my home.

* I speak two languages well, Spanish and English.(plan to add another one in the no to far future)

* If some asks about my profession I say: I’m an entrepreneur, I think big, I dream Big, Dreaming is allowed in my world.

* I believe in Real education. Real Education starts after Graduation.

* My passions are: Music, the arts, cooking, kickboxing, Dancing, travel, spend time with friends and family, and watching TV.

* I hate the news, and washing the dishes


Originally from El Salvador, a small Latin America country that was plague by war and poverty in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

in my teens my family immigrated to Canada and we’ve lived in Vancouver BC ever since.

My background isn’t internet marketing, and writing isn’t my strength (You probably figured as much, if you read some of my stuff).

I worked since the age of 12, from a mechanic apprentice, to shipping and receiving…

other jobs include: gas station attendant, dishwasher, pizza delivery driver, janitorial cleaner, security guard, and even an office assistant for like 4 days.

I never lasted long…

my parents and friends use to tell me that if I wanted to make something of my self I needed to stick to one thing only and stop jumping from one thing to another, or go back to school and become some sort of professional.

I felt frustrated.

So I decided to stop what I was doing…

I quit my Job, Left my cozy home in Vancouver, pack my bags and left, back to Central America. 8 months I was away and there was where my journey of discovery began.


I had no clue, what I wanted,  and I couldn’t figure it all out either. Someone had said to me before, when you’re in doubt read.

So I did. I started to read, everything I could get my hands on at the time.

I read from Tony Robbins to Deepak Chopra and everything in between…

My mind-set started to change, my mind started to see possibilities of a better future.

I was hooked on reading, most of my time away was spend reading…

I continued to educate my self, now on business, since I hated working and I was kind of lazy, I needed to create something of my own, something I could manage my self.

I read everything from How to start a Business, personal finances, savings, investing (what I thought at the time to be investing education) stuff that you should have learned in school, I mean, stuff that real living is made off.

Through my research and from asking questions on internet forums and blogs…

someone refers me to the book Rich dad Poor dad –  after that everything changed…


I understood why I felt the way I felt, why I hated my situation. I learned the importance of being financially literate, I learned the difference between Earned Income and Passive income through building assets,What is bad debt and good debt, the importance of a financial statement, the difference between an asset and a liability….

Really Cool Stuff, if you have not read any of Robert Kiyosaki’s stuff… You Should, I recommend it 100%

Came back home in Vancouver Canada and applied what I’ve learned, and worked on building income generating assets.

I’ve started connecting with people, who I thought could help me and were already thinking about starting a business or had a business of their own….

and then not to long after that I started my first company.

It’s been Five years and I now own a Building Service Company,(My First Company) that creates enough passive income that allows me more time to spend with my Son, my family and more time work on more Passive Income Generating Assets.

Principles are the SAME

Now, whether you are working towards starting a business, off-line or online, a MLM kind of deal or just traditional brick and mortar service type of venture, the principles are the same.

Your medium may be different, but the principle will always be the same…

You’ll need a strong positive mindset, that will nurture your beliefs and potential.

You’ll need to talk to people who are already having success in the field your looking to get involved in ie. Internet marketing

You’ll need to acquire a SKILL, or if you already have a skill you can bring to the table then you’ll need to learn how to best communicate that skill to the market.

You’ll need to talk to your market, you’ll need to enter into the conversation they are having…

what is it they hate about themselves? what is it that they want? why do they want it?…

And Then Create a product or service that will provide them with their desired outcome.

You’ll need systems so you can leverage your time.

You’ll need to have Fun and be passionate about what you are doing…

These are principles that will never change, no matter what business you go in to.

So, that is what MLM On DEMAND will be all about, keeping these principles clear, and help you make your business career dreams come true.



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