Awaken The Giant Within & The CAR That Almost Took My LIFE!

Tony Robbins is one of my heroes in life…

I was 24 when I first picked his book ” Awaken the Giant Within” 

I remember it real well, because at the time my life was so messed up a car almost ran me over, as i was crossing the street, 
I was so in my head, so confused that I crossed the street without paying attention to the lights…
I was so screwed up emotionally, mentally and financially.

Was a Real Crisis…

I felt my mind slipping, and I was afraid for my life.
I never really had thoughts of suicide (because my religious beliefs kept me fearful of the unknown) but I understood how checking out
could seem as relief for some…
I remember me feeling trapped, desperate, confused, tired, burned-out… 
And a mix of all of the above, a true downward spiral …

words fail me right now to express a clearer picture 
I could not explain what was going on, my circle of peers were not in any place 
to offer proper help.

It was one of the worst memories of my life…

But by reading and studying Tony’s stuff, and all his other programs that…

I understood a lot of the stuff that was making me feel the way I felt.

I learned about mindsets or states, beliefs, values, goal setting (I had never heard of goals before) 

I learned about projects, outcomes, structuring plans, taking action, personal power, modeling (reverse engineer success)
and masterminding with like-minded individuals.

And much, much more…

Even now I go back and study something of Tony’s just to remind myself of the importance of 
having a strong positive mindset,

to believe that one can get success that YOU can get stuff done, that dreams come true.

Success is possible for everyone who is willing to overcome the self-sabotage, and 
unresourceful patterns that plagues our lives.

I will always be grateful for Tony’s teachings, and his style of delivery, a little distinction change the course of my life.


Gerardo G. LOPEZ

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