What You Didn’t KNOW About RAMBO That will Inspire YOU About YOUR Commitment To Success…

JAMES Cameron,

The Screen Writer, Known for his blockbuster movies like, Titanic, Avatar,
Terminator, Aliens, and True Lies, Rambo, just to name a fewww.

Here is a guy that truly knows what it takes to be successful…

here is a a guy that has learned the power of focusing on an outcome until it is completed and perfected.

I was going through some of files, blog posts i like and emails, and I found that He, At some point, signed on to write Rambo: First Blood Part II and Aliens simultaneously — while also doing a rewrites of the Terminator.

With a Calculator in hand , he divided the amount of time he had by the number of pages he had to write and spent in the next four months jumping between three different desks, putting on different music as he sat down to write on each script.

Now that is Cool, wouldn’t you say…

I’m not much of a blogger, but when I have tried my best to come up with something creative…


I just been impossible.

Coming up with an outline, filling in that outline with something creative and unique and interesting, it is a challenge.

But this dude, sits down at one desks, plays some music, Writes, and after a certain time jumps on another desk, switches the kind of music his listening to, and writes on a completely different project.

This tells us a lot about the character of man, the commitment to being the best at what he does, and shows the discipline one must have as well if we were to produce the same results, in our own fields of expertise.

This kind of work ethic is one everyone committed should emulate to be successful in work and in life I believe.

now his not the most likable guy on the set…

I read that the crew members would accuse him of abuse, and actor would go home crying… LOL

For HIM this is part of the process, to achieve the goal and vision he sets for himself.

At one point, when filming “The Abyss” he wanted to make a realistic shot of corpse with a crab crawling out of his mouth, that he got his own brother 27-feet under water with a live crab in his mouth just to achieve that perfect scene.

That, when his brother complaint about the difficulty of the shot, James Cameron in his dictatorship style responded: “I’m letting you breath, what more do you want?…

This kind of work ethic, this kind of commintment is what we need to bring to our business, if we want to really be financially independent.

if about creating a business, a sustainable business and a business for the long term.

And this is the kind of people that you want, as part of your team, as partners.

Are you that kind of person…
Are you that kind of individual…

is not easy but once you see success, even if it is a little bit of it, you are hook because at that point you have achieve something that 90% of the people will never get, a breaktrhough, and now you see what is posible…

it will take consintancy, it will take dedication, you’ll need to know yourself intimataly, to findout what works, and it will take passion.

but here is the secret everybody can do it, but not everyone choses to do it…
I’m sure that is not the case here…



Gerardo G. LOPEZ








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