Should YOU Buy The Empower Network High-Ticket Academy ?

  I just finished watching a hang out Dave Wood and Some of the leaders from Empower Network put on last night, Jan.09 2014.

Empower_Network_High-Ticket_AcademyIf you are a fan or a hater of the Empower Network you may have heard of it already; however if you are a new person looking for information about What empower is all about, this High Ticket academy may sound foreign to you.

I  on the other hand am a Fan, I could not have done any of the work I have done in the internet marketing space without empower network.

I got involved with empower network about a year ago, and have gotten so much value from all of the products inside and have learned from knowing what html is, to how write articles, to doing video marketing.

Empower Network Current Products

Products available right now are:

  1. Viral Blogging Platform
    This was their upfront products, when it first came out, it was low entry and you got a WordPress blog on an authority domain. This was change on October 2013 To what they called the blog beast. a better faster platform, and more social as well, it is what is being use now.You also get the Fast Start Training program which is a series of eight videos that shows you how to start producing content on your brand new blog.
  2. Inner Circle
    This product is a library of downloadable audio, that teach a lot of self-development, as well marketing tactics that leaders within empower network have use to build their business.
  3. Costa Rica intensive
    Even though you’ll see some internet strategies in this program, most of the training is geared to MLMers/ network marketing people, how to sell things, how to promote your Network marketing opportunity, this is a really awesome program. As You may know David Wood and David Sharpe are both from the world of MLM, that is where they started before they became know as the Founders of empower network.
  4. 15k Formula
    This is my favorite, 24 lessons in all, topics range from search engine optimization, copywrighting, blogging, video marketing, syndication strategies, viral blogging strategies, free traffic strategies, paid traffic strategies, man is like a buffet of knowledge. obviously is only if you are interested in developing your skills and sharpening your knowledge in this industry. a lot of these strategies and tactics can be use for any kind of business, an internet business or an offline business
  5. Masters Course
    This is empower network’s high-ticket product, it is 40 training sessions live from Costa Rica, way different the any of the other products I’ve mention so far, and full strategies, such as: building your story, using your strengths, leveraging systems, etc

And Now their new product High-ticket Academy.

EN’s New High-ticket Academy

I feel like I got to stop here a bit, I don’t want you to think that I’m another Empower Network Cheerleader.

If you have read any of my stuff before you know I caution people to stop, think and research well any opportunity they’re thinking of joining and if possible have a clear idea on how the products will be used in their business.

Because It’s very easy to be enchanted by the cheer-leading hype and the hope of making a lot of money just by referring friends and family. Well, That does not work.

I have all of the products and I’ve enjoyed them very much; but I also know how to use them in my long-term business plan.

My business is apart from any opportunity, empower or otherwise.

The business opportunities become part of my business plan.

They are not the plan.

That way I’m not limited to any opportunity,  if something were to happen to that opportunity,  my business still remains, and that is the difference.

Now back to the…

High-Ticket Academy Product

What I can deduce from watching the hang-out...

the product is not yet finished.

sounds like there is going to be a series of webinars where the leaders of EN will teach training and strategies on how to sell High-Priced products.

I’m not much of a sales guy, so anything that mentions sales, gives me goosebumps.

But you know what…

It doesn’t hurt to learn how these leaders are able to make six-figure incomes selling high-ticket products.

I do believe is the fastest way to leverage your efforts, I mean it does not matter what you are selling, a 10 dollar product or 10,000 dollar product, the process still the same.

The price right now for the program will be  $497 and will be part of the core products of the empower network line.

But as an early bird price right now is only $197, and you’ll also take part in the recording of program, you’ll have first look at what the products is going to be.

I’m excited to see what the end product is going to be.






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