COME SEE, WHY SO MANY People ARE QUITTING the Empower Network Opportunity!

hy Are People Quitting Empower Network? I was watching a video from a friend of mine and mentor, that taught me a lot about blogging, SEO, keyword research, etc... I'd say that I've learned more from him, and reading his free content, than … [Continue reading]

Three Success Principles You Must Practice On A Daily Business To Build Your Business Online Even if YOU Don’t Join My MASTERMIND!

almost did not write this... It's like one o'clock in the morning and I'm thinking about what I want to share with you today... as I've mentioned many times before my whole goal is to help you get your online business  working the right … [Continue reading]

How to Quit Your Job In Style – Using Skills You Own

ow To Quit Your Job In style… Now this is for the self-employed Mind, the Entrepreneur, the boss minded… If you are really happy in your job, and love what you do, you don’t need to quit; but if you are like 99% of people out there trading … [Continue reading]


hy is it that there is so much BullS#!t in our industry...? There is so much hype, and FAKES.... I always ask that questions my self as well... The short answer to that is that PEOPLE Love it... Some Like to create it  and others LOVE to consume … [Continue reading]

We ARE all GROWN UPS Here: Success Does Not Come OVERNIGHT!

he Success Formula… Know What Your Really Want KNOW why You Want it… Take Massive Action… Notice What’s working or not… Change Your Approach until you get the Desired results (This is how you start you way to success, but If you really want to … [Continue reading]

ANGER does NOT Solve ANYTHING, It Builds nothing, BUT It CAN DESTROY Everything…

Was So frustrated Today… Just so you know… I own a business Building Service Business here where I live…. And this morning I got a call from one of the cleaners telling me that there is added work, That the client has requested more work for them … [Continue reading]

Honesty is a Very Expensive gift, Don’t Expect it From Cheap people.

ubscriber asked: What can I write in my emails?” In all honesty you can talk about whatever you want... Remember that the key here is, when connecting with people... To let them see who you are, what are some of the interests you spend your … [Continue reading]


 client of mine Tells me “I don’t Know What to do” to get his business going… And this is not True... Is not that he doesn't know what to do, He does, and I'm also there to help him out every way I can… But he lacks the ability to ask the … [Continue reading]

The GooRoo’s Fan-boy That Cried-out SCAM! STOP…

ot an email today from a friend of mine... I considered this dude a friend because is someone I emulate... He sends email on daily basis and that's something that I incorporate  in my business. as I said before... You got to emulate people … [Continue reading]

Focus on the Fundamentals -The Only Guide To Ethically Build a Business Online!

here are two kinds of people in this world... There are lazy people and there are those who take charge and lead" Goes this famous quote... You hear it a lot in movies, and there is True to that... Especially in the internet world.Most people … [Continue reading]