I’m In my Late 20’s Am I To Late To Make Money Online? – hahaha… This Question Makes me Laugh :)

GE Has Nothing to do With it... 20’s 30’s 50’s or whatever… Is more a matter of commitment to success, is more about willing to put in… Is more about being good at learning fast... I have a client that is in 60's and has no problem picking up … [Continue reading]

MY Top10 Greatest Marketing Courses and Products

subscriber asks: Gerardo, what are your top 10 recommended marketing resources?" Hmmm... I have listen, read, and watch a whole bunch of training, and have bought almost everything under the sun that relates to marketing.... I really needed … [Continue reading]

I Know People Can Get Lucky – BUT REAL Success Takes Hard Work…

omeone asked me this yesterday: What Newbie friendly Step by Step guides have you purchased in the past or recently that really kick started your IM career.Got you making money day 1, Your first week, your first month etc. Newbie guides that … [Continue reading]

Awaken The Giant Within & The CAR That Almost Took My LIFE!

ony Robbins is one of my heroes in life...I was 24 when I first picked his book " Awaken the Giant Within" I remember it real well, because at the time my life was so messed up a car almost ran me over, as i was crossing the street, I was so in my … [Continue reading]

The Things We Think Stops US- False Limiting Beliefs

verybody's GOT Something valuable to share...Something important. I Got a call the other day from one of my coaching student and hear this all of the time...I don't know what to talk about or...I don't know how to help peopleI don't think what I … [Continue reading]

Our Out-most Precious Commodity Time & How We must Treasure it!

got an Emails from a Friend of mine... (one of the best email marketers in the industry) in it he wrote a story of a man who wanted OUT of client work. He'd had it, and was sick of slaving away for clients... How it was a "glorified … [Continue reading]

What 90% Of Marketers need to Know About YOUTUBE

Here is a little trick I learned from a really good friend of mine in the internet business... (these are some of the tips we get to share at the http://www.7figureMasters.com) Is very simple and is also of the skills that will give you an … [Continue reading]

What You Didn’t KNOW About RAMBO That will Inspire YOU About YOUR Commitment To Success…

JAMES Cameron, The Screen Writer, Known for his blockbuster movies like, Titanic, Avatar, Terminator, Aliens, and True Lies, Rambo, just to name a fewww. Here is a guy that truly knows what it takes to be successful... here is a a guy that … [Continue reading]

A Dance Battle That Will Make YOU Smile ! :)

This looks Like the street I grow up in... though we never do any dance battle but we did have some fun... and these kids really remind me of what happiness looks like... Enjoy... Like and share... Gerardo G. LOPEZ … [Continue reading]

Its Time to Be Different- My ultimate Success Formula

Today is my birthday... and I'm here just reflecting on what I want to do for the next two years.... You see my plan was that I be wealthy by age forty, In fact be a millionaire, but it hasn't happened yet... and I'm not forty yet. What I do … [Continue reading]