Its Time to Be Different- My ultimate Success Formula

Today is my birthday… and I’m here just reflecting on what I want to do for the next two years….

You see my plan was that I be wealthy by age forty, In fact be a millionaire, but it hasn’t happened yet… and I’m not forty yet.

What I do know is this…

I have to change my approach, my approach as the way is set up right now is not working for me now, I must change it. I have to change who I am on a consistent basis, this is very important also, we are so use to being ourselves for so long, that we have develop bad character habits, that do not support us.

I love what this video here says, you got to get rid of the losers if you want to be successful. you got to get the negativity out…, you got to be your best at whatever you want to achieve, you got to… I want to get rid of me… The Me that has stopped me for so long…

so Happy birthday to me…
I’m now declaring to be different…

The ultimate Success Formula

It was Tony Robbins that I heard this from for the first time: Know what you Want , Know why you want it, and take action.

if the actions you are taking are not working then change your approach, if that does not work, change your approach again and again until you achieve what you want.

That is KEY

Here is the pledge I’m doing today I will change what I do, and I will write what I know I should do and share it here…

The struggles, the challenges, the WiNS..

is time for a change…

Enjoy the video.

Gerardo G. LOPEZ

PS. If you read this post today leave me a comment, and if you comeback to my blog and there is no progress call me out to get on track.