MY Top10 Greatest Marketing Courses and Products

A subscriber asks:

Gerardo, what are your
top 10 recommended
marketing resources?”


I have listen, read, and watch a whole bunch of training, and have bought almost everything under the sun that relates to marketing….

I really needed to think about this one…

I really to think well about which ones will make it on the list…

there were a lot of them I enjoyed in terms of content, presentation, and delivery…

and a lot of them that were copies of real good ones, but complemented the content and brought better insights to the subject matter…


Here’s  what I came up with:

“Ask and ye shalt receive”

In my opinion, the list below contains the My top 10 marketing courses/products.

If they would be your top ten I don’t Know; because “BEST” is subjective and different for everyone.

But these ones are the one I have enjoyed the most and I continually study to keep the important concepts fresh and have appealed to my personal learning style.

Anyway, here’s the list:

1.  Tony Robbins & Chet Holmes “Ultimate Business Mastery System”

2.  Jeff Walker’s “Launch your list”

3.  Eben Pagan’s “Altitude”

4.  Andre Chaperon’s “Auto-responder Madness”

5.  Curt Mally’s “Social Media Ad Genius”

6.  Gary Halbert’s “The Gary Halbert Letter” issues (all of them)

7.  Frank Kern’s “Mass Conversion”

8.  John Carlton’s “Kick Ass Copywriting Secrets” course

9.  Empower Network “15K Formula”

10. 7-Figure Masters-Internet Life’s Style

 I consider these to be the BEST in my humble (but accurate) opinion… Aside from having a coach that will walk you through by the hand…

And show you everything without reservation, this list above is enough, a great start for anyone getting started.

Let me know in the comments what you think…


Gerardo G. LOPEZ

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